Amy Mckissock is a 27-year old Digital Media Marketing post-graduate student with a passion for street style, beauty, and hip-hop. She began blogging in 2012 after graduating from University with a B.Sc and absolutely no desire to see it through. After much success with her former beauty blog, The Pretty Vain, she created Bratty B as a destination where she could share herself unapologetically with the world. 

Bratty B is her personal digital playground, where she shares her latest outfit choices, beauty favourites, unfiltered musings and more. Follow her journey, and ever changing hair colour, as she discovers the next, and best, in beauty and fashion. 

BRATTY [brat-ee]

adjective, brattier, brattiest.
1. characteristic of or resembling a brat; impudent; ill-mannered.

B [bee] – Slang.

1. an abbreviation of the word 'babe/babes'.
2. an affectionate form of address.


This is a personal blog and therefore, all of the opinions expressed, and photos shared are my own, unless otherwise stated. That being said BRATTY B is also a PR-friendly blog, and therefore, accepts, receives, and reviews press samples for consideration. Full disclosure will always be provided when a product has been supplied by a company and is noted at the end of each post. Regardless of whether a product is given to BRATTY B for purpose of review, or personally purchased, trust that you will always read a complete and honest review/post. 

BRATTY B also uses affiliate links as a means of financial support, more specifically, RewardStyle. For more information on how this program works, please visit www.rewardstyle.com.

For any PR or general inquiries feel free to contact me at contact@brattyb.com.