The Evil Eye. A look given with intent to inflict harm, suffering, or bad luck on that who it's cast upon. Nothing seems to fit Hallows Eve more. And yet the symbol is a popular jewellery design of our time, myself falling victim to it's lure. I may have been inspired by Charissa Rae for this manicure. Her nails are always decorated with the most gorgeous evil eye designs. But also, the symbol seemed fitting with my planned Halloween costume, Edie Sedgwick, who was largely associated with Andy Warhol. Either way the outcome is fun and flirty, and can be worn regardless the time of the year!    

I used Essie's Topless & Barefoot as my base coat – one of my favourite nude polishes. It's a beautiful soft beige pink that looks phenomenal on nails, toes, in warm weather, cold weather. A must own. To create the evil eye I began by outlining the shape of the eye with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Striper in White, then filling it in once I 'perfected' their almond shape. [These nails are far from perfect!] I then followed the outline of the eye with the Sally Hansen Nail Art Striper in Black also adding lashes, as well as a winking eye to my ring finger. Using a dotting tool and the Essie Nail Polish in Garden Variety I created a vibrant iris, and finally added the pupil with a dot from the black striper. To add a killer shine and protect the design I finished the manicure with the Seche Vite Top Coat, another must own.  



Do you have anything evil eye related?
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