When asked "what is the one thing you never want to hear your hair stylist say" most females would respond with 'Oh no!!', or something of that nature. So, having never previously encountered this situation I was somewhat astonished to find myself in that exact position last week at my favourite hair salon, Good Day Hair Shop. But don't worry, there is a happy ending in this case.

I went into Good Day Hair Shop last Friday, a trendy hair salon located in Kensington Market, to re-bleach my hair in order to lighten it to a white blonde. Everything was going great until the toner was applied, at which point I heard a gasp from my stylist, Nikki, who was directing my attention to an intense violet patch of hair that seemed to be attached to my head. I had no words. But Nikki assured me that if I hated it she would mix up a bleach cocktail to remove the violet, and I trusted her emphatically despite only knowing her 7 hours total, if that. We were going for it and hoping for the best. We quickly moved to the sink so that Nikki could tone my hair in sections, washing it out almost immediately after applying it in order to control the development process. I remained blind to this, but as I overheard the ooo's and awe's coming from Nikki and other stylists I eagerly awaited the big reveal.  

The outcome was something I could have never imagined – I had obtained the baby pink hair sported by Kylie Jenner during Coachella (only mine wasn't a wig!). But now came the true battle: how would I maintain such a beautiful shade. Lucky for me, my hair angel was kind enough to create a personalized bottle of toning shampoo using the shop's own Unicorn Soft Shampoo &  Conditioner ($19 each). And while I wish I could delve into how these products have been keeping my hair perfectly toned, being the mindless b I am, I left it at my parents house and have been losing this pretty pink hue on the daily, tear. Hopefully once I get the Unicorn Soft Shampoo &  Conditioner back in my reach I'll regain my 'unicorn' status. Review to follow!

Have you ever had a haircare mishap result in something you loved in the end?  
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