After successfully swapping out my haircare routine for the TRESemmé Reverse Wash System two weeks ago (full review here), I’m at it again, this time testing the Pantene Intense Hydration Collection. This opportunity was brought to me through Beauty United, a collective of Canadian beauty bloggers affiliated with Proctor & Gamble. Each blogger was dared to switch out their current shampoo/conditioner for products from the Pantene Expert line that best suit their hair needs, with results expected after a single wash.

The Pantene Expert line consists of ‘luxury’ shampoos, conditioners, and styling products, each formulated to combat one of five common hair concerns. After examining each line, which include: Intense Hydration, Advanced Keratin RepairAge Defy, Dry Defy and Fade Defy, I settled on the Intense Hydration collection with hopes of obtaining the shine and silkiness of Selena Gomez's hair, who is coincidentally their newest brand ambassador. One glance at her Pantene commercial, in which she sways her impeccably blown-out locks from side to side while dancing to her hit single 'Hands To Myself', and you'll find yourself incessantly lusting after strong beautiful hair too.

I've used the Pantene Intense Hydration shampoo and conditioner a handful of times now and have been quite impressed with the results. The Intense Hydration Shampoo($5.99) features a mild scent and quickly produces a rich lather when worked into the hair. Plus, the inclusion of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), although not recommended for daily use, results in a supreme clean. Following this step with the complimentary Intense Hydration Conditioner($5.99) ensures that any moisture lost while shampooing is restored, and hair is left feeling silky smooth from root to tip. Upon exiting the shower my hair is extremely easy to comb through, and even features a sheen similar to that produced by my holy grail hair routine, the Silver Fox line by Good Day Hair Shop. The shine does seem to fade drastically by the following day, and my hair does feel slightly weighed down in comparison to when I wash with my Silver Fox products, but for a drugstore system it is quite comparable to the salon products I use. 

When all's said and done I would definitely recommend the Pantene Intense Hydration collection to others. Aside from the inclusion of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate(SLS), this system works wonders to cleanse and supremely hydrate hair, and though your hair won't look identical to Selena Gomez's it'll be the closest you'll get for $10.


Have you tried any products from the Pantene Expert line?
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