Take a walk around Toronto this month and you'll find yourself struck by posters of Sia's latest album cover, This Is Acting (seen here). The album, comprised entirely of songs intended for other artists, is accompanied by artwork portraying a young girl essentially in the act of elongating her neck. Her nose is taped, lips puckered, and she's modelling a Cruella de Vil inspired wig; needles to say the image is quite striking. The impact it delivers, felt even as I slowly motion past the sea of posters while riding the TTC, has left me hopelessly devoted to this look. Unfortunately, given my lack of stardom (and rubber neck) I could never pull it off. I can however mock Cruella de Vil's hair by accessorizing my outfit with mis-matched Timberlands, as I did while walking along the waterfront earlier this week. The movement of the water, much like the lead single from This Is Acting, reminds me that despite all odds there's is a current within me constantly pushing me forward, encouraging me to remain 'alive'; and there's nothing more powerful than that. 

Shown Wearing: Sweater; Zara, Ripped Denim; H&M (shown here), Boots; Timberland (griege + black).


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