The Best Of Toronto Women's Fashion Week

Being the F-list celebrity that I am, it's rare that I am invited to large-scale events like TIFF or Toronto Fashion Week. But life works in funny ways, and as a result, I ended up sitting front-row for the majority of Toronto Women's Fashion Week, which took place this past weekend at Waterworks in Toronto. And although I was actually attending the event for work, through 1Milk2Sugars PR and Redken Canada, I still snapped a few personal photos that I knew I had to share. 

Toronto Women's Fashion Week 2017

Toronto Women's Fashion Week is brand new to the scene, hosting its inaugural fashion week this past weekend. The event was held over a total of 4 days and featured some of the best of Canadian fashion, including fan-favourites, Evan Biddell, Hendrixroe, and Mikael D.

Although I found myself hidden behind the scenes for most of the weekend, catching all the glorious hairstyles that the Redken Canada Team created, I still caught the majority of the shows. Including those listed above. Here are a few of my favourite moments, photos, and collections from TWFW '17!

The Stand-Outs of TWFW 2017

From intricate hairstyles to exquisite fabrics to the overall collections, there was so much to take in at #TWFW. Being part of the Redken Canada team for fashion week I got a behind the scenes look at how each one of the hairstyles was created, and you better believe that I'll be trying a few of them out at home. Shown below is a twisted-braid I'm dying re-create, which was featured on models in the Rachel Sin show. It's easy, messy, but has a big impact! AKA my idea of picture perfect hair. I also couldn't get enough of the hook & braids that were paired with tousled waves for the Lesley Hampton runway. Although, I gather I'll have a bit more difficulty achieving this hairstyle in the comfort of my home.

With regards to individual pieces, I absolutely adore this pieced together skirt from Zoran Dobric. It perfeclty falls into the streetwear trend I've been obsessed with as of late. And I still can't get this see-through pantsuit out of my head from the Stephen Caras runway show. So stunning! But let's be honest, when the hell would I wear it?!?

The Statement // Value Village x Evan Biddell

No matter who I talk to, the consensus is that the Evan Biddell show is the ONE that brought serious FASHUN (and heart) to the runway. Not only was the show full of fashion-forward looks, it also acted as a reminder that we need to seriously question how we source our clothing. It's no question that the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors of waste in this country. Which is precisely why Biddell teamed up with Value Village to create a collection created entirely from used clothing - 81lbs to be exact! As someone who religiously watches Project Runway this felt like a riff on the Unconventional Materials Challenge, and I LOVED it! 

The collection, which was totally punk rock, featured leather patch-work, fur sleeves, and a lot of fringe! The punk feel continued to hair and makeup, with models wearing black and beige skulls set within tousled locks to give the illusion of a face on the back of their head. 

Opening the show was the famous Stacey McKenzie, who has an even larger personality in person than you would expect! The show also featured Instagram mega-hottie, Josh Mario John. Needless to say I was drooling the entire time.

The Badass Runway // Hendrixroe

I was also OBSESSED with the Hendrixroe runway. The collection featured Chanel and Yeezy vibes with a hint of country-glam, and in my opinion was totally badass and fashion-forward. I even got the chance to speak with Jordan, the designer, before the show. She shared that she would be bringing three young girls who have appeared on The Ellen Degeneres show and have danced on tour with Justin Bieber to close out the show. The girls wore metallic pink Hendrixroe jackets embroidered with the statement Property of No One and danced it out to Diva by Beyonce. It was incredible! Needless to say, their performance was the highlight of my time at fashion week, and I'm sure many others would concure. 

Up & Coming // Séguin of the Toronto Film School

Last, but certainly not least on my list of standouts, is Séguin by Jordana Séguin of the Toronto Film School. This capsule collection was shown during the Emergence runway held by TFS, featuring students of their program.  Her textiles and cuts instantly spoke to my fellow blogger and fashion week worker Chloe Sugarr, as well as myself! And honestly, caused me to consider re-incorporating colour into my wardrobe - an INSANE thought for the monochrome queen.

I'm still seriously in awe that I spent this past weekend at Toronto Women's Fashion Week. The experience has only motivated me to push harder in both my personal and work lives to ensure I get the opportunity to attend again next year! Fingers crossed!

Did you attend Toronto Women's Fashion Week?
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