In the world of styling you'll find that some of the most aesthetically-pleasing ensembles are those that are the easiest to conjure up. Why? Because these looks feature an ease of wear. Take this outfit for example; although it would appear that a great deal of energy and intent went into the styling of this look, it's actually a favourite of mine because it can be thrown together in a few short minutes. The formula is a rather simple one: one oversized t-shirt + one pair of boots + a few carefully selected accessories = a simple, yet statement-making ensemble. In this case I've opted for a Zara Man T-Shirt with bandana print hem alongside a pair of tracker boots, both of which were snagged during the Zara F/W '15 End Of Season Sale. The brand is currently hosting their S/S '16 End Of Season Sale, and I definitely plan to pick up a few more XL Men's T-Shirts that can be used with this simple yet effective 'clothing formula'.

Shown Wearing / T-Shirt 'Dress', Zara; Boots, Zara; Bag, Vintage; Velvet Choker, Claire's; Leather Bracelet, Vintage; Cross Bracelet, Jennifer Zeuner; Ring, Aldo; Lipstick, Stila Cosmetics Ricco.


When's the last time you wore an item intended for the opposite sex?
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