With my easy going and overall indecisive nature, it's come to be expected that I will arrive to my GoodDay Hair Shop appointment with little to no idea of what tone I desire. But this time, I was at least confident that I wanted to juxtapose my recent pink hair with either steel blue or dark grey locks. In the end, I decided I'd maintain my unicorn status and check off another pastel hair colour from my bucket list. The icy blue shade that Nikki, my hair stylist, created this time around is absolutely breathtaking; and once again I left the shop feeling that the colour was perfection. The colour is oddly reminiscent of the Pantone colour Serenity, which compliments the pink locks, inspired by Pantone's Rose Quartz, that I ended with after my last salon visit. Be it that both of these colours are featured as the 2016 Pantone Colour(s) of The Year I'd say I'm completely on trend – and evidently entirely too ecstatic with the results, as apparent in the above photos.


I went into great detail about my experience with pastel hair in a previous post, Pink Friday, in which I answered some frequently asked questions in regards to the processing and maintenance of my hair, however I never got a chance to share the products I use to maintain the look. In the absence of Nikki and GoodDay Hair Shop I turn to the brands line-up almost daily to keep my hair looking and feeling fresh. As mentioned in that previous post, Nikki will custom colour the brands Silver Fox Shampoo ($24) to help prolong the colour in my hair. This is typically done at the end of each appointment, however recently I've been washing my hair so infrequently, every 3-4 days, that I can make it two visits before I need a top-up. That is unless I change my hair tone drastically, as I did with this appointment, and therefore need to have a new custom shampoo created to match. Depending on how much the colour has faded I will leave the shampoo on my hair for a longer period of time. I then follow that step up with the Silver Fox Conditioner ($22), which much like the shampoo packs a heavenly scent, and leaves my hair nourished with undeniable shine. In  order to maintain that sheen on days I avoid washing my hair, I'll spritz in a bit of the Crystal Glimmer Shine Spray ($16) throughout my hair to yield a high-shine finish.

The GoodDay Hair Shop products are available in store and for pre-order on their site, but be decisive if you want something as they are sure to sell out fast. 

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