Day two of my mid-week romp was spent with one of my closest friends, Magdalena, whom I connected with last year over a mutual love of poetry. Despite only knowing each other a year come August we've already developed a deep friendship that is open, honest and loyal. She's quickly become my other half – probably why I cherish our friendship so much. In each and every regard we are in sync, which means we don't need to make plans, or even really communicate to have a good time together; instead we simply enjoy each others company. So with that said, it's not uncommon for us to make plans to meet up for the day, without making any real plans at all. And this was definitely true of our hangout last Wednesday, although we were both determined to sneak lunch and drinks at CIBO somewhere into our day.

We met up at local favourite Portland Variety, where I grabbed a London Fog, and Magda got her second coffee of the day – I swear this girl could go her entire life strictly consuming the stuff. We decided to shoot a few photos in the back lot, which features an 'industrial grunge' vibe that paired perfectly with the outfit I was wearing that day – a faux leather dress & heart stitched socks from Forever 21 paired with black booties.

**Note to self: not the best call when it's hot AF and sunny outside. Never again – just kidding... I've totally worn faux leather shorts since this day and the weather has yet to cool off.**

After taking a few photos, walking around the city talking, and checking out another v Instagram worthy coffee shop, Quantum Coffee, we decided to ever so slightly spoil our lunch and grab a treat from Soma Chocolate; I had the Fuellentine Caramel, which was absolutely delicious, while Magda had a chocolate cone infused with fresh fir. We then went to CIBO for the real deal: a cheese pizza, gnocchi, and all the bread two white girls could dream of. The food was delicious, decor was instagram-worthy, and the lunch menu was extremely affordable: I would highly recommend.

We attempted to walk off our meals by running some errands together in the city, but eventually, as the sun went down, it was time to part ways. It's always sad experience when we say goodbye, but seeing her less frequently now that I'm no longer living and working in the city also makes me appreciate the time we do get to spend together, and that's something that I'm grateful for. Although soon enough I'll begin school in Toronto and we'll be back to being glued at the hip.

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Side Note: Magdalena is quite the talented poet, and was recently featured for her poem Kintsugi on Don't Talk To Me About Love, an online magazine. Go check it out!