From the very first moment I walked into a LUSH store I was hooked – the scents, knowledgable staff, and intoxicating atmosphere come together in the most magical way, creating an environment that the beauty enthused flock to. Over the years I have come to incorporate a number of their products into my beauty regime, which also means that I have accumulated A LOT of their little black pots. Lucky for me, LUSH has a great recycling program that allows you to bring in 5 Empty Black Pots in exchange for 1 Fresh Face Mask. This time around I had enough pots for 2 Fresh Face Masks, and while I found it difficult to stray from my beloved Love Lettuce, I decided in turn to test out their newest creations, Don't Look At Me, and Rosy Cheeks

Don't Look At Me ($10.95)

This vivid blue mask is reminiscent of another facial product from LUSH that I love, Ocean Salt – each carry a zingy lemon scent and promote a vibrant complexion. Meant for all skin types, Don't Look At Me, contains ground rice to gently scrub away dry skin, murumuru butter & organic silken tofu to moisturize, and lemon juice to tone. Upon application you instantly notice the cool sensation the mask contains from being refrigerated, which helps to calm skin and reduce swelling. The mask requires approx. 10 minutes to dry, at which point it can be removed by applying warm water in circular motions to ensure you receive the exfoliating properties delivered from the ground rice in this mask. Results are seen instantly – my complexion was free of dead skin cells and glowing for all to see. I would definitely re-purchase this product.   

Get glowing: Lemon juice breaks down dead skin cells, leaving you fresh and bright.
Don't stop there: Love the effects of this scrubby mask? Use it all over your body!

Rosy Cheeks ($12.95)

Contrary to Don't Look At Me, the Rosy Cheeks face mask aims for calm, matte skin. A simple blend of kaolin, calamine, and Turkish rose oil is combined to help delicately calm the skin and restore balance. The cleansing calamine and kaolin gently remove dirt, while rose oil nourishes and tones. I was initially worried that the scent of the Turkish rose oil would be too overpowering as I tend to stay far from florals, however it remained subtle and tolerable for the duration of use. The mask dries within 10-minutes, at which point it can be removed from the skin with warm water to reveal a complexion that is free of redness. 
Hint: This mask works exceptionally well as a spot treatment for stubborn red break-outs. It easily removes the red pigment, leaving the blemish prepped for concealer. 

Takes the sting out: If your skin is feeling sensitive, these soothing ingredients will calm things down.
Calamine goodness: Calamine is so soothing, it's often used to calm bug bites!

LUSH Fresh Face Masks are only available within stores, as they have a short shelf-life and require refrigeration. For more information regarding these masks please visit LUSH.


What is your favourite face mask from LUSH?
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