Search the internet for a 90’s brown lipstick and undoubtedly MAC’s Stone Lipstick will be one of the top results. Despite it’s release earlier this year, the popularity of the matching MAC Lip Pencil, which has been a permanent part of the MAC line-up for years, inspired thousands to rush out and purchase the shade in lipstick form. If you, like I, weren’t quick to jump on it’s release you found yourself checking your local MAC weekly to see if a re-order had arrived. For a minute my search stalled, and ultimately I forgot that Stone was now part of the permanent lipstick line-up, but a recent trip to my local store not only reminded me of it’s existence, it concluded the search – MAC Stone Lipstick was finally mine.

The shade itself is described as a ‘muted grayish taupe brown’ complete with a demi-matte finish. Depending on the lighting the shade can appear more brown or grey, but always delivers a dose of edginess. The formula itself features a creamy consistency that is neither drying nor hydrating, but does impart a rich opaque swatch that rarely needs to be touched up. Paired with the matching Lip Pencil the colour lasted for roughly 4 hours before I needed to re-apply.

Because a swipe of Stone delivers such a distinct look, I typically keep the rest of my makeup minimal, however a night out on the town can call for a smoky eye to accompany the brooding shade. Looking for a similar option at a fraction of the cost? Check out the NYX Lipstick in Maison ($6) – the difference is indecipherable.




What's your favourite 90’s-inspired lipstick?
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