Art is hard. A sentiment that remains true even when referring to nail art. So, after straying from brushes, stamping kits, and dotting tools for a whopping 8 months, I figured I'd reintroduce myself the simple way, with the dotticure. The dotticure is about as self-explanatory as it can get – it's a manicure design made up of various dots. Here I've used four shades from the Essence The Gel Polish Collection, a secret cult favourite amongst beauty bloggers, to create a manicure that will take me through the week ahead.

The Essence The Gel Polish ($2.99) are a thing of dreams. With an inexpensive price point, a variety of shades and finishes, and a wear-time similar to that of real gel nail polish it's no wonder us beauty bloggers think they're all the rage. These incredibly shiny polishes also feature 'Colour Crush Technology' to ensure high-intesity colour impact and coverage. With 16 rich colours available, this is a polish that you can feel good about using as they contain no DBP, toluene, or formaldehyde, and are never tested on animals. 

For this dotticure I've chosen the shades: Wild White Ways, Turn The Lights On!, Rock My World! and Black is Back. Normally I would use a dotting tool to create the design, however today I've substituted for bobby pins as I am currently away from my beauty stash. To begin, simply pick up a bit of the lightest polish on the end of the bobby pin and begin creating dots following the natural curve of your nail – this will give a more feminine finish. Repeat this step with the remaining polishes, alternating between light and dark, to achieve the desired effect before sealing with a top coat. Here I've used the Essence The Gel Polish in Absolute Pure, however if you want to really lock in your design I would suggest reaching for the Essence The Gel Nail Polish Topcoat ($3.99).  

Absolute Pure   //   wild white ways   //   turn the Lights ON!   //   Rock My World!   //   BLack Is Back

Absolute Pure   //   wild white ways   //   turn the Lights ON!   //   Rock My World!   //   BLack Is Back


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