After a year of extreme transition I'm ready to begin twenty sixteen with an enhanced understanding of self, a new outlook on being, and for the first time in years, excitement for what's to come. 

The past few years took a lot out of me. To such extent that I spent the beginning of twenty-fifteen on a mental leave in an attempt to get myself sorted. Halfway through the year I decided that unless I made some changes to my life, and the way I was operating I would never feel any differently. So, I began with a few small adjustments; I said no to plans that didn't interest me & yes to those that did; I welcomed open-minded people & turned closed-minded people away; I chased the things I wanted & let the rest fall by the wayside. For the first time in years I took control of my life and held myself solely responsible for the outcome. It's been a difficult road to travel, and will continue to be, but I cannot express how grateful I am to begin twenty-sixteen content with my identity. For this reason – and for the first time in decades – rather than welcoming the year with the statement 'new year, new me', I'll be opting for 'new year, same me' with enhancements to come as I resolve to do the following sixteen things in twenty-sixteen. 


1. Treat your body kindly. Eat clean. Take care of your skin. Moisturize. Wear face masks. Fall in love with hot yoga. Eat your greens. Go for a run. Wash your face before bed. Get 8 hours of sleep. Drink more water. Avoid cigarettes when drunk.      

2. Take more risks. Vulnerability is a beautiful thing. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.

3. Give more fucks. Care undeniably about the people, objects, and passions in your life.    

4. Stay organized. Be neat. Plan out your week/month/year. Monitor your goals and accomplishments. Maintain a focus. Write everything down. 

5. Be open to love. Surrender your defences. Feel again. 

6. Travel. Whether it be across the world or to the Antique Market in the next town, make adventuring a priority. 

7. Make art a focus. Go to museums. Check out art exhibits. Paint. Draw. Create. Discover, and be inspired daily.  

8. Stay gold. Smile. Enjoy the little things. Be true to yourself. 

9. Be sincere about punctuality and commitments. Respect the time of others. Make plans wisely. Avoid bailing on a friend or a loved one.

10. Watch one documentary a week. Learn. Be open to different lifestyles. Educate yourself on the struggles others endure. 

11. Doubt less, act more. Be brave. Be confident. 

12. Enrich your vocabulary. Learn a new word daily. Stop swearing. Bury yourself in words, both written and read. 

13. Validate the people in your life. Make those around you feel cherished. 

14. Allow yourself to fall into things. Don't worry about being caught. If others don't understand, let them leave. 

15. Choose human connection > virtual connection. Put the phone down. Look people in the eyes. Listen to others. Be present.

16. Put yourself first. 

What are your resolutions for twenty sixteen?
Let me know how you plan to make this year better in the comment section below.