Aside from a camel jacket and a small selection of dresses, the bulk of my closet consists of black, white, and grey items. However, recently I've had the unexpected and overwhelming desire to incorporate nude and beige into my wardrobe; but as with most life updates, it's best to begin with baby steps.

The Aldo Alenama Boots ($75) seemed like the perfect place to start as they a) are a boot, which can be worn in the summer, and b) are a boot, which can be worn in the summer. Need I say more? I know that I don't need to... but I will. I'm absolutely in love with the cut out detailing on the side of the boots, and the block heel provides a ton of stability and a subtle hint of the 70's. Plus, think of how easy they will transition into my fall wardrobe, especially if I am bold enough to add a few more nude and beige items to my wardrobe. 

Shown Wearing / T-Shirt, Old Navy; Skirt, Zara; Shoes, Aldo; Purse, Michael Kors; Watch, Fossil; Fur Bag Charm, Aldo; Necklace, J.Crew; Rings, H&M


What do you think of my desire to introduce a hint of nude and beige?
Let me know if you're for or against it in the comment section below!