Natural, home-made beauty products have always been something of interest to me; even as a child I can recall concocting my own fresh face and hair masks using ingredients found in the kitchen. But as I've aged, a lack of time, and more likely a sub-conscious tendency towards consumerism, has left my DIY face mask days in the past. Nowadays I tend to source fresh hair and skincare products from The Detox Market and/or local artisans, although I've found they can be few and far between. One brand I've taken a particular liking to is KUNYE, a plant-based skincare company from Vancouver, BC.

KUNYE takes inspiration for their products from ancient remedies and rituals, updating them with modern-day super foods to further promote healthy skin. This not only means that each formula is extremely nutrient dense, but also that each product is free of toxins and any/all inactive ingredients. I was only introduced to the brand recently when I had the opportunity to test out four of their products, including the NOURISH Face MaskGLA Youth Elixir, BIOFERM Eye Balm, and REPLENISH Body Butter, however I've been so smitten I simply couldn't wait any longer to share.



The NOURISH Face Mask($38) is my favourite product of the bunch; likely due to the fact that it is the most reminiscent of the masks I made as a little girl; although mine never featured such an earthy aroma. But I suppose that is to be expected when a product features Wheatgrass, Neem, Spirulina, and Sea Kelp amongst a glacial clay base. In order to apply the mask you must first activate it by mixing 1-2tsp with equal parts of water, toner, or honey. Then apply to the skin, allowing it to work it's magic for 5-10 minutes, or until completely dry, before removal with water.

I've tried the mask both with water and honey, and truthfully prefer the honey mix as I found it not only delivered substantially more hydrated results, but also soothed redness and provided relief from the overly 'green' scent. After a single use my skin felt nourished and re-stored, boasting a luminescent glow from with – I'll definitely be working it into my weekly skincare regime. 

GLA Youth Elixir

Gamma linoleic -acid(GLA) is known as the 'beautiful skin fatty acid', essential for anti-aging, healing and healthy skin cell function. For that reason the GLA Youth Elixir($68) combines natures most potent sources of GLA with black cumin seed oil to create an oil that can be layered under your favourite moisturizer, both morning and night. Although the GLA Youth Elixir is quickly and easily absorbed into the skin, I still tend to apply it 30 minutes prior to my make-up in the morning to ensure the product soaks into my skin and doesn't affect my make up's wear-time. So far, so good.

I haven't noticed a large difference in my skin since using the GLA Youth Elixir other than a slight increase in suppleness, but I feel re-assured knowing that my skin has an added layer of protection against free radical damage. 


It's always been a struggle for me to find an eye cream I love, and while I had high hopes for the BIOFERM Eye Balm($48) and it's ultra-hydrating formula, the jury's out on it's best use. With Capuacu and mango butter, Cocoa Bioferment, and the cold pressed oils of meadowfoam, black cumin seed, and avocado, one would assume this balm would be much too heavy for the lids, however it's oily consistency once massaged into the skin keeps it lightweight and comfortable. Unfortunately, however, I feel that this balm is simply hydrating the skin around my eyes, as opposed to brightening and de-puffing the way the other eye products in my collection do, and therefore I've had to find other uses for it; including as a lip balm, and a source of instant moisture for cuticles and elbows.

REPLENISH Body Butter ($38) 

Finally there is the REPLENISH Body Butter($38), a must-have for anyone looking to introduce themselves to the KUNYE collection. The body butter has a unique whipped texture that instantly transforms to an oil when massaged into the skin. It's loaded with a base of soy, mango, and shea butter, to highly nourish the skin with some added help from coconut oil, and vitamin E. 

The body butter leaves your skin feeling heavenly with a delicate powdery-floral scent. The hardest part is resisting the urge to use the entire jar in one sitting. 


Where do you source fresh Canadian made beauty products?
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