It's official: choker season is upon us. And I figured there was no better way to celebrate than to evaluate my current choker collection and determine what styles are needed to 'complete' it – although I'm unsure that day will ever come. I have quite a few of the 'categories' checked off my list, including tattoo, lace, and velvet, however I'm missing a few elevated styles for evening wear, as well as a variety of mixed metals. Over the upcoming weeks I'll be trying to round out my collection by incorporating a few of the styles I've curated below. Wish me luck! 

Styles Shown / Tattoo Choker, Claire's; Lace Choker, Aldo; Black Rhinestone Choker, Aldo; Geode Lace Choker, Aldo; Velvet Choker, Claire's; Cognac Choker, Aldo



What are your thoughts on the choker trend? How do our collections compare?
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