Without a six figure salary it's hard to comprehend how anyone in their mid-20's can fathom spending $2000 on a handbag, but when it comes to the Chloe Faye I swear I'd sell my unborn to own the coveted style. If you've yet to set your eyes on this handbag, it's known for it's signature gold ring clasp and metal chain details. I've long dreamt of the day I'll own it myself, however until then I'll have to settle for the similarities I've found in the Aldo Compas Sandals($60). 

Shown Wearing / Crop Top, Rachel Roy; Shorts, Urban Planet; Belt, H&M, Kensington Watch in Gold, Nixon; Compas Sandals, Aldo; Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters


What's the one item you'd sell your soul to own?
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