There is something undeniably sexy about a slit dress. Whether it's up the side, front, or back, the slit creates sex appeal through the unveiling of skin, which in turn causes minds to wander; a point Andy Warhol nailed when he said 'sex is more exciting on the screen and between the pages than between the sheets.' The truth is, at times the illusion of sex brought on by the exposure of skin traditionally only seen beneath the sheets can be more intoxicating than the act of sex itself. And I say that regardless of whether a partner is present or not – no shame in feeling yourself, both figuratively and literally.

This studded Zara dress is one of the pieces within my wardrobe that instantly elicits those feelings within me. The slits found on both sides reveal the perfect amount of skin while leaving plenty for the imagination. When I wear it I feel sexy, confident, and above all, strong; and truly, there's nothing more powerful than a woman who is comfortable with her sexuality, and secure in her body, regardless of her size.       

Shown Wearing / Leather Jacket, Northbound Leather; Dress, Zara; Mirrored Heel Boots, Material Girl; Hat, Urban Outfitters; Textured Bag, H&M; Silver Watch, Marc by Marc Jacobs; Cartier Knock-Off Bracelet, Kensington Market. 


Do you have an item in your wardrobe that ignites the vixen in you? 
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