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Brushing dirt off your shoulder is much easier when they are exposed, which is the reason I'll exclusively be wearing off the shoulder apparel this season.

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This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a long time. I spent my Saturday night at INLAND, a Canadian designer shopping event that took place at The Glass Factory, even splurging on a fall jacket from Valérie Dumaine and necklace from Laborde. And on Sunday I made use of said necklace from Laborde, which is a stunning combination of quartz and gold bolts on a vintage brass chain, while I hungout with my friend, Oliver. Quartz is associated with power, energy, and protection – three things that everyone can use, so here's hoping dem feels transfer to me. I wore the necklace atop a marble long shirt with slits from H&M (no longer available), which I paired with my favourite ripped black denim and Tracker booties, both from Zara. I also layered on a bunch of jewellery, including a fake 'Cartier' bracelet which fools everyone, and grabbed my leather jacket from Danier to keep myself warm (similar here).   

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Life as a girl is hard, isn't it? We have periods, boobs, an excess of emotions, and face a near-daily struggle to select an outfit. I say near-daily because let's face it, our days off are spent in sweats, and t-shirts left from lovers past. If that wasn't enough, we are expected to amp up that effort on days of importance; i.e. the A$AP Rocky concert I will be attending this Friday. Normally, I would leave this task until the morning of, however given my recent history of mental-breakdowns brought on by getting ready  I decided it would be in my best interest to plan ahead for this momentous occasion.

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