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Whether it be in preparation for summer, to get over an ex-boyfriend, or simply for an added boost of confidence sometimes we all could use a little self-upgrade. See what I've been doing to get back to 'me'. 

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Boyfriends should have little say in your makeup routine, but there is one area where we can all agree their opinion is valid; kiss-proof lipstick. Here I've rounded up my three of my favourite Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks (the holy grail of kiss-proof lipstick), all of which have been boyfriend-approved. 

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Life as a girl is hard, isn't it? We have periods, boobs, an excess of emotions, and face a near-daily struggle to select an outfit. I say near-daily because let's face it, our days off are spent in sweats, and t-shirts left from lovers past. If that wasn't enough, we are expected to amp up that effort on days of importance; i.e. the A$AP Rocky concert I will be attending this Friday. Normally, I would leave this task until the morning of, however given my recent history of mental-breakdowns brought on by getting ready  I decided it would be in my best interest to plan ahead for this momentous occasion.

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Gone are the days where donning a red or orange lip colour was considered daring or bold. Nowadays it's all about atypical colours, alternative finishes, and near-fluorescent shades. But for those of us who aren't ready to try a jade, or bright blue lipstick there is one shade that remains universally flattering while making an impact. Whether it be lilac, violet, or eggplant, it's clear that purple is the statement colour of the summer. 

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