It's hard to tell whether the title for this outfit will be considered offensive or not, however I truly feel as though I was inspired by Jesus with this outfit; a modern day Jesus that is. But truthfully it's been so hot the past few days that wearing anything other than a smock and sandals feels like a mistake. The smock in this case hails from Old Navy, a linen shirt-dress I found hidden in the depths of the clearance racks that I instantly fell in love with. The moment I locked eyes with it I knew I would pair it with these white and black Erina Sandals I grabbed from Aldo earlier this month. The sandals have a slight Jerusalem feel to them, giving my outfit the subtle hint of Jesus I was after. 

Shown Wearing / Linen Dress, Old Navy; Erina Sandals, Aldo Shoes; Sunglasses, Rayban; Earrings, Vintage; Bracelet, J.Crew; Rings, Aldo + H&M

What the weirdest thing that's inspired one of your outfits. 
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